Brij's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Brij's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide


The Brij Team

December 7, 2022
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For those who didn’t quite finish their holiday shopping during the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Brij team has got you covered!

Please find our carefully selected gift guide below. With ideas ranging from children’s sunglasses to canned wine, an at home garden, and the latest trends in beauty and skincare, we have ideas for everyone you might be shopping for this holiday season!

Keep scrolling to check out our holiday picks:

Calpak’s Lightweight Ambeur Luggage

Help your friends and family travel in style this holiday season with this gorgeous and practical suitcase! Calpak’s lightweight metallic Ambeur luggage is designed with spinner wheels, built-in TSA-approved locks, and all the handy zipper compartments you could ask for. 

Why our team recommends: 

With the holiday season and the new year around the corner, everyone seems to be making vacation and travel plans! The practicality and sleek design of this suitcase make it the perfect gift for friends and family to make their traveling more worry-free. Who can resist a suitcase that can pack all you need and still pass TSA weight restrictions? 

You can find Calpak’s Ambeur Luggage here along with their other high-quality products and get 10% off your first order! 

Canopy’s Diffuser with Aromas All in One

With waterless technology and curated aroma oils, Canopy’s mistless aroma diffuser provides an easy way to clean and elevate your space. It can diffuse up to 400 square feet of curated aromas that relieve stress, energize the mind, and boosts your mood. 

Why our team recommends: 

The waterless technology sets Canopy’s aroma diffuser apart from other diffusers. There is no water needed so you won’t have to worry about refilling or mold. Not to mention the amazing aromas that come with it! The effectiveness and ease of use make this the perfect gift for anyone! 

You can find Canopy’s Diffuser with Aromas here and shop up to 20% off on holiday bundles!

Tusol’s Organic Plant Protein + Superfood Smoothie Mix

In partnership with Three Michelin Star Chef Christopher Kostow and Martina Kostow, Tusol’s smoothies bring culinary excellence with their scientifically proven health benefits. Ready to drink in under 60 seconds, these meal replacement smoothies are packed with benefits including immunity and energy boost, gut health, collagen stimulation, and weight loss. 

Why our team recommends: 

This smoothie is easy and quick to make and packed with the necessary nutrients to replace a meal. So if you have a friend who always skips breakfast and complains about not having enough time, Tusol’s incredibly delicious and healthy smoothie mix is the perfect gift for them (or yourself)! 

You can order Tusol’s Smoothie Mixes here

PackIt Reusable and Freezable Zuma 15 - Can Cooler Bag

Designed with PackIt’s EcoFreeze™ technology, this bag will be your friend’s coolest outdoor companion. This freezable and collapsible cooler can pack up to 15 12oz cans and keep products cold on the go without any ice! 

Why our team recommends: 

PackIt’s Can Cooler Bag is the perfect gift for any outdoorsy friend or family member and an amazing addition to family outings. The large compartment space and easy-to-use design make this gift a must-have. Your friends will thank you later when they forget to buy ice for their cooler! 

You can order your PackIt Can Cooler Bag here!

Rise’s Personal Rise Garden Starter Bundle

Grow up to 12 plants from home this holiday season with Rise’s award-winning Personal Rise Garden! 

Why our team recommends: 

Who doesn’t love freshly-picked ingredients? Don’t let the cold weather stop your plant-loving friends, or any interested friends, from gardening! The Personal Rise starter bundle will allow them to continue their passion indoors – providing fresh flavors and greenery all year round. 

You can order Rise’s startle bundle here and explore their other gardening products! 

Circcell’s Nourishing Geothermal Clay Cleanser

Fill your list of stockings this year with this deeply cleansing emulsion! With half oil and half clay, Circcell’s Geothermal Clay Cleanser extracts impurities and removes makeup while keeping natural oils intact, leaving skin both cleansed and hydrated. 

Why our team recommends: 

The dual-use and amazing ingredients of this cleanser make it a perfect gift for anyone. You can give your friends and family the luxury of both cleansed and hydrated skin this holiday season with Circell’s Geothermal Clay Cleanser. 

You can order the cleanser here and receive additional discounts the more you purchase! 

SolaWave’s Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy & Serum Kit

Awarded the #1 Skincare Tool of 2021 and 2022, the SolaWave Wand combines 4 powerful and clinically-proven skin care technologies to bring the ultimate skin experience. Making it even better, this kit also includes a bottle of Renew Compex Activating Serum that delivers up to 4x faster results. 

Why our team recommends:

The SolaWave wand is so simple to use and provides effective red light therapy from home. Combined with the Renew Complex Activating Serum, this skincare kit is a perfect gift for a friend who loves skincare (or yourself!). Not to mention, the serum is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free! 

You can find SolaWave’s Skincare Wand & Serum Kit here!

Maude’s Ultra-hydrating Oil No. 0

With a certified organic blend of jojoba, coconut, argan, and caster oil, this multi-use massage and body nourishes skin with quick absorbance, leaving you soft and moisturized from head to toe.  

Why our team recommends:

Maude’s hydrating massage oil is not only incredibly moisturizing but also a great way to set the mood. Simply adding warm water also allows the oil to double as a moisturizing bath. This oil is  a perfect gift for your partner or just a friend you want to share an incredible organic and cruelty-free oil with. 

You can order yours here and get $5 off your first order! 

Babiators’ The Flower Child – Blue Series Collection

With Babiator’s award-winning glasses, your children will be protected in style! The Blue Series polarized flower sunglasses are designed with UV400 lenses to protect against 100% of UV rays. And the frames are BPA-free so no need to worry if they end up in your baby’s mouth.!

Why our team recommends:

These sunglasses are the cutest! They’re incredibly kid-friendly in every way – they’re durable, comfortable, and designed with a kid-approved style while providing the ultimate UV ray protection. Babiators’ flower sunglasses would be the perfect gift for any child this holiday season. 

You can find Babiators’ flower sunglasses here and explore other products in their Blue Series Collection. 

Heart Soul Heat’s Deliciously Spicy Ghost Honey

Heart Soul Heat’s all-natural and non-GMO ghost honey brings sweet heat without overpowering foods’ original flavors. It is vegetarian and gluten-free – making it the perfect gift for foodies all around! 

Why our team recommends:

Heart Soul Heat’s Ghost Honey is super-versatile and can be drizzled on anything from veggies to meats to ice cream. This is the perfect gift for food lovers, especially those who love to experiment with new flavors! Ghost Honey provides a bold flavor that will enhance, but not overpower, their favorite foods. 

You can order your bottle(s) of Ghost Honey here!

Cool Cat’s Elderflower Mint Lime Wine Spritzer

This refreshingly delicious drink is a perfect spice for the holiday season. Made with California White Wine, natural flavors, carbonated water, and a stylish can, Cool Cat’s Elderflower Mint Lime Wine Spritzer is the perfect gift for a holiday gathering. 

Why our team recommends:

As the weather is getting colder, Cool Cat’s wine spritzers are perfect for the days when you and your friends miss summer and warm beaches. Naturally flavored, the mint lime wine spritzer will be the ultimate refreshing gift this holiday season. 

You can order a 4-pack here or get 25% off on a 24-pack!

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Une Femme’s Piquette – Pinot Noir

Une Femme gives back to charities that benefit women while creating amazing wines that are all made by women winemakers. The ruby red Piquette – Pinot Noir is the perfect drink to transport you to summertime beachside brunches, poolside hangouts, or any happy hour. 

Why our team recommends:

We love supporting this woman focused brand and not to mention their wines are absolutely delicious! Our favorites are the Piquette and the Betty! The single serve cans are great for when you just want one glass and don’t want to open the entire bottle.

You can order a 4-pack here!

Andy & Evan’s Multi-Color Chevron Metallic Puffer Jacket

Designed with Chevron Quilting and Multicolor Stripes with a Metallic White Base, this bubble coat is the perfect gift that will keep them warm in style. 

Why our team recommends:

This puffer jacket is the cutest and incredibly warm – making it the perfect gift for kids as the weather gets colder! 

You can find Andy & Evan’s Multi-Color Chevron Metallic Puffer Jacket here and explore other pieces in the Andy & Evan x Brij collection!

Mightly’s Organic Cotton Extended Length T-Shirts for Girls

Made with 100% cotton, these t-shirts combine comfort and style. The extended length creates an elongated fit that makes it the perfect pairing for leggings or their favorite pair of jeans. 

Why our team recommends:

Mightly’s products are made with 100% cotton so you can gift with guaranteed comfort! This pack of tees can create amazingly comfortable and simple outfits for lounging at home or going out – making it the perfect gift for girls this holiday season!

You can get your pack of Mightly T-Shirts here in a variety of colors! 

Mezcla’s Limited Edition Canadian Maple Blueberry Plant Protein Bar

With maply syrup sourced directly from Canada, Mezcla’s Maple Blueberry Plant Protein Bar is definitely a treat for the tastebuds! This limited edition protein bar features sweety blueberries, mapley vanilla drizzle, and Mezcla’s signature crunchy goodness. 

Why our team recommends:

Mezcla takes protein bars to the next level! Maple Blueberry is definitely a must-try flavor so get them for yourself and your friends and family before this limited edition sells out! 

You can find Mezcla’s Limited Edition Canadian Maple Blueberry Plant Protein Bar here!

Viscosoft’s Moisture-Wicking Bamboo Mattress Pad

What is a better gift than good sleep? With Viscosoft’s breathable rayon bamboo and moisture-wicking fabric mattress pad, your friends and family will feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud every night. The bamboo design makes the mattress hypoallergenic and breathable, preventing overheating and irritations from allergens and dust – ensuring a good night’s sleep. 

Why our team recommends:

Viscosoft’s bamboo mattress pad is the perfect gift for anyone who wants a good night’s sleep – so everyone! This mattress pad adds an extra layer of comfort and elevates the sleep experience with its anti-allergy fiber fill and breathable, moisture-wicking design. 

You can order a Viscosoft bamboo mattress pad here in any size! 

BrainJuice’s Classic Nutrient-Boosting Shot

Help your friends start out the new year strong with BrainJuice’s all-natural liquid dietary supplement that delivers an immediate nutrient boost for the brain – improving focus, clarity, memory and mood.

Why our team recommends:

With a new list of new year resolutions just around the corner, BrainJuice’s Classic shots are the perfect way to help your friends and family (and you!) start out on the right foot. This all-natural nutrient boost will allow them to be more present and productive – helping them reach their full potential and (finally) achieve all their resolutions! 

You can find BrainJuice’s Classic shot here along with their drink mixes.

Brij's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide
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