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It’s all about the gut these days when it comes to beauty and wellness. From digestion-minded intermittent fasting to gut health as a determiner of youthful skin, digestive health and function have taken center stage in the wellness conversation.

Ben Goodwin, the CEO, co-founder and formulator of prebiotic soda OLIPOP, created his brand of functional and botanical soda as a healthful alternative to the public’s fixation with sugary drinks, and he’s on a mission to position his brand of next-generation pop firmly in the health and wellness categories.

“People in the original colonies used to ferment botanicals and soda in the 1800s and they dispensed them out of pharmacies due to actual or perceived health benefits. So, in that way OLIPOP is bringing this historical beverage full circle by incorporating functional ingredients and botanicals in a highly accessible format,” Goodwin says.

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