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Donation incentives for Shopify stores - increase AOV and/or conversion ~25% while supporting the causes your customers care about most.


Developed by: GIvz

Support Email: [email protected]

About Givz

Add donation incentives to your marketing toolbox and start benefiting from increased sales, AOV, and customer engagement today. Givz post-checkout Shopify app enables you to move away from offering race to the bottom discounts to incentives and campaigns that drive sales AND do good.

Complete Control

Givz makes it easy to control your incentive work, you can:

  • Set your incentive to be a percentage % of the subtotal or a fixed amount (e.g. 10% of subtotal or $10).
  • Apply to all orders or only those above a certain amount (e.g. every order qualifies or only those over $50).
  • Feature Givz monthly featured charities or pick three of your own.
  • Customize the email confirmation sent to all customers who donate.

The Benefits of Givz

  • Increase AOV: Set a specific spend threshold to encourage customers to buy that extra item - after all, they want it and it's for a good cause now.

  • New Customer Acquisition: Attract a brand new audience that is deeply passionate about their own specific causes.