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OUR MISSION is to enhance the consumer experience by bridging online and offline commerce.

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Kait, with her roots as a retail investor, brings a wealth of experience in consumer technology and product trends. Her dual perspective as an investor and a consumer fuels her enthusiasm for the evolution of omnichannel commerce. She is a serial entrepreneur and holds a BSBA from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard.

Kait Stephens
CEO & Co-Founder
Year Founded

Brij was incubated and launched out of Harvard Business School by classmates Kait Stephens and Zack Morrison who bonded over a shared vision of a more connected future.

Countries Represented

Brij is headquartered in New York City but our team comprises talented engineers, designers, and business professionals spanning over 7 countries globally. We are united by our shared passion for leveraging technology to enhance the experiences consumers have with their products.

Zack has a diverse background in automation, product design, and engineering management, complemented by a strong passion for technology and its potential to benefit the world. He holds a BS in Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, an MS in Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MBA from Harvard University.

Zack Morrison
CTO & Co-Founder

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