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QR Code Generator

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The Designer
QR Code Generator

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Turn your Brand into its own QR code

With Brij you can turn a picture of your product, logo, brand designs, or artistic images into a QR code.

Traditional Advertising

  • Drive brand engagement from billboards, commercials, and print ads

  • Add a layer of 1st party data to previously hard-to-measure campaigns

  • Turn brand awareness campaigns into demand-generation campaigns

It's Not just a logo in the Center anymore

Go from only using 15% of the QR code surface area for imagery and brand design to 95%.

Drive Sales in Retail Channels

  • Connect end caps, shelf talkers, and product demo stations to your digital presence

  • Send shoppers to your website and social media for a deeper brand connection

  • Share discounts drive retail sales in real-time and collect phone numbers and email

Make Slick QR codes with or without AI

Go beyond StableDiffusion and use Dall-E or Midjourney AI to create scannable QR codes.

Turn Your Packaging into a Communication Tool

  • Create engagement in retail and Amazon where engagement was not possible

  • Share content to educate and differentiate without worrying about packaging real estate

  • Collect 1st and zero-party data to improve market research and drive remarketing

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