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Bridge the offline and online with AI-powered experiences that turn anonymous omnichannel shoppers into loyal customers — even in unowned channels.

Make the Most of Every Customer Engagement

Make the Most of Every

Customer Engagement

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Whatever your objective, Brij has the power and flexibility to
help you launch your omnichannel strategy in minutes rather than months.

Drive Retail Velocity
with AI-Powered Rebates

Drive consumers from Meta ads, billboards, email / SMS lists, and POS displays directly to checkout with digital rebates. Customers simply text their receipt to our AI-powered concierge for fast Venmo payouts.

Grow Your CRM with
Sweepstakes & Product Registration

Capture valuable first and zero-party data like names, emails, receipts, and shopping preferences with seamless, high-converting user flows. Then manage your customer data directly within your Brij dashboard.

Elevate Customer Experience with Engaging Brand Content

Bring digital component to your offline customer experience with video tutorials, user guides, recipes, surveys, and more. With our AI-Powered no-code drag-and-drop builder there’s no need for designers or engineers.

Collect Data & Uncover Insights with Powerful Analytics

Seamlessly gather first-party data from retail and marketplace customers with every user click, signup, receipt upload, or survey submission. Then track your campaigns and generate insights in your analytics dashboard.

Results So Impressive You’ll

Deserve a Promotion

Results So Impressive You’ll Deserve a Promotion

Results So Impressive You’ll Deserve a Promotion

Make the Most of Every Customer Engagement


Increase in LTV


Increase in NPS


Email Opt-in


Time Saved

Not Your Father’s QR Codes

Stop confining your brand to black and white squares. With our Designer QR Code Generator the only limitation is your imagination.

One Platform. Unlimited Possibilities.

With a wide variety of modules, a drag & drop interface, and robust analytics, crafting the ultimate customer experience has never been easier.

We Play Nice With
Your Tech Stack

We Play Nice With Your Tech Stack

Seamless integrations with the tools you love most mean you can roll up your sleeves and give your tech team the day off.

Real Customers. Real Results

Real Customers. Real Results.

Brij delivers value to stakeholders and teams across your entire organization. See what some of our customers are saying.


"Brij allows us to access 1st party data & understand our customer better by connecting the online and offline in a more streamlined way that also improves our customer journey. While we had clear goals in mind, the project was undefined & overwhelming. The Brij solution, product & professionalism helped us get quick feedback from leadership that this was exactly what we needed."

Natalie Flowers

Director of Digital Marketing @ Black Diamond Equipment

"Brij has been instrumental in elevating our QR code program, helping us connect with our audience like never before. If you're a brand seeking to enhance your QR code strategy, I can't recommend Brij enough!" 

Kara Jacobson

Senior Growth & Retention Manager @ Health-Ade

"Brij allows us to sync our retail and DTC channels with direct marketing and provides a unique dashboard to track scans, registrations and optimize the experience and flow. Brij's rebate solution gives our retail partners less work at the register while still offering our customers a discount to drive trial"

Tia DiBenedetto

Director of Retail Sales @ Wandering Bear

"Before Brij, we were hacking things together and had no context on analytics or engagements. Now Feastables is investing in QR codes as a dedicated channel to share content, run sweepstakes, and collect survey data. This has allowed us to build a direct relationship with our customers and ultimately become less reliant on expensive, outside data.”

Jess Cervellon

VP of Customer Experience @ Feastables

"Brij is truly easy to use and effective, making shopping for our products easy. The app simplifies generating and customizing QR codes for products and promotions, and the Brij team is always helpful and prompt with any questions."

Ryan Truitt

Sr. Product Mananger @ Bonafide Health

Try it Somewhere, then Use it Everywhere

Whether customers discover you online, through a billboard, or on a store shelf, Brij delivers a branded, personalized, and value-added experience every time.

In-Store Displays

Print Brij QR codes on shelf-talkers or end cap displays to offer in-store digital coupons or rebates.


Add a digital component to your product’s packaging. Add user guides, tutorial videos, recipes, product feedback surveys, and more.

Out of Home Ads

Add a Brij QR code to your billboard and TV ads to offer digital offers and promotions. Then add those visitors to retargeting campaigns to drive them to buy online or in-store.

Digital Ads &
Social Media

Drive consumers directly to Brij experiences through social media posts and ads.

Learn More About Omnichannel Marketing


Omnichannel Marketing

We’re so passionate about empowering brands with cutting edge tools & trends in omnichannel marketing that we started a blog... and a podcast... and a tech company.

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