December 11, 2023

Brij's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

The Brij Team

For those who didn’t quite finish their holiday shopping during the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Brij team has got you covered!

Please find our carefully selected gift guide below. With ideas ranging from children’s sunglasses to canned wine, an at home garden, and the latest trends in beauty and skincare, we have ideas for everyone you might be shopping for this holiday season!

Keep scrolling to check out our holiday picks:

Canopy’s Bedside Humidifier

Bedside Humidifier

For those of you who dread the dryness of winter, Canopy’s bedside humidifier is the perfect addition to your nightstand. With up to 36 hours of running time, this dermatologist-approved humidifier provides optimal moisture day and night, hydrates your skin, and promotes better sleep. 

And did we mention it comes in six colors?

Save an extra 10% on a humidifier + filter & aroma subscription here

Maude’s vibe + band

vibe + band

Discreet and easy-to-use, Maude’s vibe and band redefine self-care and elevate intimate moments. Both are water-resistant and offer a range of intensity levels, well designed for customized experiences. 

Purchase the bundle here.       

Une Femme’s The Betty — California Sparkling Brut

What better way to celebrate the holidays than Une Femme’s award-winning sparkling wine? Elegant and versatile, The Betty is perfect for toasting any occasion. For the wine connoisseurs, it has aromatic notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom, and Meyer lemon peel, with hints of apple, jasmine, and light florals.

Plus, a portion of your purchase goes to Dress for Success, a non-profit that helps women achieve financial independence.

Order your new go-to sparking wine here.

Babe Lash’s Viral Lashes Set

This set bundles Babe Lash’s three most viral products — the essential lash serum, 4 real mascara, and the pro lash separator — together at a discounted price. All products in the set are cruelty-free and vegan.

Currently out of stock, but be the first to know when it’s back. 

RVLock’s V4.0 Keyless Handle for RV Doors

The RVLock V4 is back and better than ever with a durable full metal construction, weatherproof backlit keypad, key alike capabilities that let the user control multiple doors with a single fob. We also like the sleek water drop design and ergonomic grip — just make sure the RV doors have hinges on the right.

Now you can help your giftee spend less time looking for the keys and more time enjoying their next adventure. 

Save 40% on your purchase here.

Babiators’ The Flower Child

With Babiators’ award-winning glasses, your children will be protected in style! These polarized flower sunglasses are designed with UV400 lenses to protect against 100% of UV rays. And the frames are BPA-free so no need to worry if they end up in your baby’s mouth! 

Durable, comfortable, and stylish, Babiators’ flower sunglasses would be the perfect gift for any child this holiday season.

You can save 15% on bundles and explore accessories here

Calpak’s Ambeur 2-Piece Luggage Set

Help your friends and family travel in style this holiday season with this timeless set of sleek and practical suitcases! Calpak’s lightweight metallic Ambeur luggage is designed with dual spinner wheels, built-in TSA-approved locks, and all the handy zipper compartments anyone could ask for.  

You can find Calpak’s Ambeur Luggage here along with their other high-quality products.

Rise’s Personal Rise Garden Starter Bundle

Grow up to 12 plants from home this holiday season with Rise’s award-winning Personal Rise Garden! Don’t let the cold weather stop your plant-loving friends, or any aspiring plant-loving friends, from gardening.  Compact and voice-controlled, the Personal Rise starter bundle will allow them to continue their passion indoors – providing fresh flavors and greenery all year round.

And in case you were wondering: no green thumb required.

You can order Rise’s starter bundle here and explore their other gardening products.

PackIt’s Freezable Playtime Lunch Box

Made with PackIt’s EcoFreeze™ technology, and with the cutest designs, this freezable playtime lunch box will turn heads in the cafeteria. This freezable and collapsible bag can keep a meal and a 12oz drink cool for hours — no ice pack required. Plus, it can be attached to backpacks and sports bags and kept out of the lost and found.

Explore the different designs here.

Apron Heroes’ Cake Pop-N-Dip Kit

If you know a Starbucks lover, make their wishes come true with Apron Heroes’ Cake Pop-N-Dip kit. From the cake pop pan to the pop stand, the kit comes with everything an aspiring pastry chef needs to bake delicious cake pops. It also comes in a nice gift box and a free surprise bonus!

What’s more, a portion of profits are donated to end child hunger in the U.S.

You can find the kit and other delicious recipes here.

Dame’s Com

Discreet and easy-to-use, Dame’s Com redefines self-care and elevates intimate moments. It is waterproof and offers a range of intensity levels, well designed for customized experiences. 

You can purchase the Com and other accessories here.

Via Carota’s Craft Cocktail Case

With six different concoctions available, this craft cocktail case is an elegant take on the classics. If you’re not sure which cocktail to gift, there’s nothing wrong with going with your favorite. Dinner parties just became even better. 

Purchase the 12-pack here.

Kokada’s Brownie Batter

Kokada’s Brownie Batter is made of only six ingredients but can be enjoyed in endless ways. Don’t be fooled by the name — aside from being a tasty sweetener for baking, it can also be stirred into coffee, spread on toast, drizzled onto oatmeal, and even on its own. It’s the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

You can shop the brownie batter and other delicious flavors here.   

Revolution’s R180 Toaster

Revolution’s R180 Toaster is like the Nespresso for bread. 7 toasting shades, 6 bread types, 3 toasting modes — there’s really no better gift for someone who loves bread. The toaster also comes with a countdown timer and a clock sleep screen. 

Shop Revolution’s slate of toasters here

Lalo’s High Chair

Recognized by Forbes as the #1 overall High Chair, this 3-in-1 chair can support children from 4 months to up to 3 years old as a high chair, booster seat, and eventually play chair. Easy to clean and customizable, this is the perfect gift for parents and their kids. 

Shop the high chair and other high-quality products here.

ShawnCo Pets’ Dog Harness

Our dogs deserve all the nice things in the world, including this durable and comfortable harness. This no-pull reflective and adjustable vest comes with 3 leash clips, perfect for easy walking and training for dogs of any size. 

Shop the harness in different colors and sizes here.

Nori’s Viral Steam Iron 

With this compact and mighty steam iron, there’s no need to steam clothes in the shower anymore. We’re obsessed with the 6 fabric-specific heat settings and sleek design. Help your loved ones transform their wardrobe with this 2-in-1 steam iron — no ironing board required. 

Shop the Nori Press in multiple colors here

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Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om

Everyone can do with some extra relaxation and better sleep, starting with this bottle of elixir. Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om can help restore cellular balance for relaxation and promote feelings of calm. Your soon-to-be energized and relaxed giftee will thank you. 

You can shop Magnesi-Om  in bottles, refills, or sticks here

310 Nutrition’s Build Your Own Lemonade Bundle

There’s no need to wait until the summer to make lemonade. Each box of 310 Lemonades comes with 30 packets, perfect for an energy boost at any time of day or as a snack to satiate cravings for something refreshing. When life gives you lemons…

Subscribe and save 25% here.


Newton Baby’s Travel Crib and Play Yard

With patented Wovenaire® technology, Newton Baby’s Travel Crib and Play Yard is 100% breathable and washable. It also offers the largest surface area available and is the perfect travel companion, bringing plenty of room for better sleep and play. 

Shop the crib and other high-quality products from Newton Baby here.  

Health Ade’s Holiday Cheers Kombucha

Blending notes of ginger, vanilla, allspice, and cacao, Health Ade’s Holiday Cheers kombucha is the perfect drink for the holidays. Spice up any meal or sip by the fire — plus, it’s healthy for the gut. 

Get your Holiday Cheers and explore other flavors here.

Tushy’s Spa 3.0 Bidet Attachment

Newly upgraded with water temperature control and sleek designs, Tushy’s bidet is the perfect gift for creating a truly spa-like experience. It’s also self-cleaning and compatible with 95% of American toilets. 

Shop the Spa 3.0 and other high-quality Tushy products here. 

Branch’s Standing Desk

Treat your loved ones to a home office upgrade with Branch’s Standing Desk! Stylish and functional, the desk makes movement a natural part of your giftee’s everyday routine. The desk features dual motors and three-stage lift columns that facilitate a seamless transition between sitting and standing.

Explore the Standing Desk and other high-quality products here.

Diggs’ Evolv Dog Crate

With removable ceilings and durable steel frame, Diggs’ 2-in-1 dog crate and playpen is the perfect gift for puppies. It’s also easy to assemble and features dual lock doors that ensure additional safety. 

Purchase the Evolv dog crate and accessories here.

The Jolie Filtered Showerhead

Beauty starts with clean water. By removing chlorine and other contaminants in the shower water, the Jolie Filtered Showerhead promotes healthier skin and water. Treat your loved ones with the best-in-class showerhead for a transformative experience.

Get the Jolie here.

Tracie Martyn’s Double Up Mask Duo

Gift your loved ones an at-home facial with Tracie Martyn’s Double Up Mask Duo, which includes the Enzyme Exfoliant and the Complexion Savior. This iconic duo will bring your giftee a head-turning glow this holiday season and into the new year.

Shop the Double Up Mask Duo here

Swank A Posh’s High Cut Maxi Skirt

If there’s only room in the wardrobe for one more skirt, make it Swank A Posh’s high cut maxi skirt. We love the high-rise waist and thigh-high cutout — plus, it has pockets. 

Shop the maxi skirt and other apparel here.

Caden Lane’s Very Merry Two Piece Pajama Set

The family photoshoot for the holidays won’t be complete without this festive two piece pajama set for the little ones. These PJs are soft and comfortable, designed with extra room in length to grow with the child.

Shop the festive prints and other designs here. 

The Omnilux Contour Face

Omnilux takes skincare to the next level. The Contour Face Mask provides red light skin therapy to treat wrinkles and other visible signs of aging and damaged skin from sun exposure. 

Purchase the Omnilux Contour Face Mask here

Tost Beverage Combo Packs

Tost combo packs offer delicious non-alcoholic drinks for any occasion. Made with all-natural ingredients and extracts, Tost beverages are dry, refreshing, and most importantly, not overly sweet. 

Purchase a 16-pack of the Tost and Tost Rose combo pack here.  

Feastables Milk Chocolate Bars

There are few things better than well-made chocolate bars. Feastables’ milk chocolate bars are made of only five ingredients, including milk from grass-fed cows. Smooth and creamy, these are a great gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

Purchase the 10-pack here.

Taste Salud’s Jamaica | Hibiscus 

Full of electrolytes and made with coconut water, elderberry, and daily essentials, Taste Salud’s Jamaica | Hibiscus Agua Fresca sticks are the perfect on-the-go snack to combat hydration and improve immune health. 

Shop the Jamaica | Hibiscus and other flavors here.

Calirosa Tequila

Add a twist to a fun gift with Calirosa’s 100% premium rosa tequila! Artfully presented and tastefully designed, Calirosa’s tequila makes for the perfect gift this holiday season. You can choose from one month to 5-year aged tequila, and more in between.

Shop Calirosa’s tequila selection here.


Beam’s Pink Lemonade Bundle

If you know a gym rat, Beam’s pink lemonade bundle is a great gift to spice up their pre-workout routine. The bundle includes 40 scoops of stimulant free pre-workout and 14 travel sticks. 

Shop the bundle here.

Flourish Plant’s All-Purpose Plant Food Kit

With Flourish Plant’s All-Purpose Plant Food Kit, you can help your loved ones grow strong, healthy plants — and a green thumb. The organic mix of essential nutrients and microbes give houseplants a rich environment to thrive. 

Purchase Flourish Plant’s All-Purpose Plant Food Kit here

Flourish Pancake’s Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix

Rich in protein and fiber, Flourish Pancake’s Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix is the perfect gift to bring back memories of freshly baked cookies and cozy winters. Pancakes for dinner, anyone?

Shop the chocolate protein pancake mix and other flavors here

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