What is the difference between Brij and a Landing Page Builder

What is the difference between Brij and a Landing Page Builder


Brad Zomick

May 17, 2023
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Brij is a new tool for brand marketers. Naturally, new tools are met with skepticism and questions like:

In this article, we will clarify the major differences between Brij and a landing page builder and explain why it is not only be easier to use Brij, but also a better experience for your customers. 

Let’s start with a quick refresh on landing page builders.

What does a landing page builder do?

Landing page builders create the pages where visitors “land” after they click on an email or ad from Facebook or Instagram. Landing page builders are an essential part of the marketing tool stack. 

A landing page builder creates dedicated pages for specific marketing campaigns. And they are designed for the singular purpose of a form-fill or shopping cart conversions. 

The core feature set of a landing page builder includes:

There are many landing page builders to choose from. Some popular builders for standard web use cases are Unbounce, Instapage, and Leadpages. Replo and Shogun are specialty providers focused on Ecommerce and Shopify. 

Most of these providers start at $99/month. However, pricing scales with premium features and in sometimes with the number of domains, pages published, visited, and leads converted. 

A Landing Page is Not a QR Code Experience

An astute marketer can see that QR Code generators are also ubiquitous. And from there, it’s natural to posit that by combining these two simple and cheap solutions, one could easily create an amazing QR code marketing campaign. But a QR code and landing page combo is not a QR Code Experience. 

You are probably asking yourself what is a QR Code Experience?

A QR Code Experience is:


It’s a the marriage of the QR code and the mobile experience. 

If you have scanned a QR code before, you’ve had a QR Code Experience. It may have been amazing, or it may have been terrible, but you had one.  

Brij’s perspective on QR code experiences is that they need to be more versatile than the singular conversion purpose of a landing page. They need to bring the brand to life, educate visitors, collect data, and where appropriate, stimulate reorder. 

A QR code experience is atypical when compared to digital marketing campaigns that start and end digitally. QR codes are used in physical channels. Common QR code placements include:

The common thread is that historically these are dark channels and brands have no clue who is seeing their advertisement or product, and no way to engage with them.

The QR Code Experience is a completely new brand activation point and selling channel. Pushing them into a squeeze page to get a lead or a purchase is not only a bad experience for the prospective buyer but also a missed brand education opportunity. 

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Brij is a QR Code Experience Builder

Here are the major differences between a landing page builder and a QR code experience builder

It’s a Whole New World 

At first glimpse, it’s easy to conflate Brij with a landing page builder. But, they couldn’t be more different. Landing pages are about building conversion pages. Whereas Brij is an experienced builder. 

Brij can help you turn dark channels into an always-on brand activation, communication, and sales channel. At Brij, we like to think of it as the 4th leg of the stool in an omnichannel playbook that previously consisted of the big 3: retail, DTC, and Amazon. 

What do you do with your other marketing and sales channels? Whatever you thought of, you can also do that in a QR Code Experience!

The QR Code Experience channel is a Swiss Army knife that can do all of the following: 

All of this creates a better brand experience for the customer. And anything that provides more value to customers, translates to a return on investment. 

Brij is helping more and more trend-setting brands do this every day. If that sounds like something your brand wants to do, drop us a line any time. Even if it's just to talk about how to start with QR codes. Book a time here.

What is the difference between Brij and a Landing Page Builder
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