July 9, 2024

Globalizing Your Brand: International Routing with Brij

Salma Zaky

Expanding your brand's reach across the globe can feel like a puzzle. How do you cater to diverse language preferences and regional regulations seamlessly? Whether you're launching a product in Europe or expanding into Asia, Brij ensures that every customer receives a tailored experience. Let’s explore how Brij’s International Routing can streamline your global expansion.

Seamlessly Expand to New Markets with Brij International Routing

When entering international markets, transparency and data compliance are critical. For instance, products with components like lithium-ion batteries or intricate materials may require detailed disclosures. Moreover, adhering to privacy laws such as GDPR in Europe is non-negotiable. Imagine targeting Europe, with its diverse landscape of 50 countries and 24 official languages. This could seem overwhelming.

Brij’s International Routing simplifies this complexity. With a single QR code on your product, our platform detects the customer's location via their IP address and directs them to the relevant localized experience. This ensures they receive information in their native language and in compliance with local regulations.

Take Feastables, for example. They recently executed a successful campaign with distinct experiences for the US, UK, Iceland, New Zealand, and Australia, all seamlessly managed through Brij. As you scale globally, Brij becomes an indispensable partner for maintaining compliance and delivering exceptional, localized experiences.

Customize Your Global Presence with Brij

Brij offers the flexibility to create distinct experiences for different regions or countries, perfect for brands that need to tailor content and compliance to local markets.

Benefits of Dynamic Links:

  • Custom Modules: Adjust modules for each region—collecting different data points or offering region-specific content. For instance, gather emails and phone numbers in the US, but only emails in Germany.
  • Control Over Translations: Manage and refine text translations for each country. If automated translations fall short, you can create precise, locally tailored content.

Steps to Implement Dynamic Links:

  1. Set Up a Parent Experience: Create a foundational Webapp Experience that serves as the base for all customers.
  2. Enable Premium Language Features: Ensure language translation is activated on your account.
  3. Develop Country-Specific Variants: Build variant experiences for each target country under the parent experience.
  4. Customize Content and Compliance: Tailor each variant with the necessary modules and content specific to each region.
  5. Activate Dynamic Links: Convert the parent experience to a Dynamic Link, ensuring users are directed to the appropriate regional experience based on their location.

By using dynamic links, you ensure that each customer interacts with an experience that resonates with their cultural and regulatory environment.

Single Experience with Automatic Language Translation

If simplicity and broad coverage are your goals, Brij’s single experience with automatic language translation is the solution. This method automatically translates content based on the user's browser settings, providing a straightforward, consistent experience.

Advantages of Single Experience:

  • Ease of Management: Streamline your efforts by managing one experience instead of multiple regional variants.
  • Automatic Translation: Text translates automatically to the user’s preferred language, minimizing manual intervention.

Steps to Implement Single Experience:

  1. Create a Parent Experience: Develop a comprehensive Webapp Experience to serve all customers.
  2. Enable Language Translation: Activate this feature to allow automatic translation of text based on browser settings.

With this setup, every customer receives a translated experience, reducing the workload while still offering localized content.

Results: Choose Your Path with Brij

Deciding between dynamic links and a single translated experience depends on your brand's specific needs. Opt for dynamic links if you require tailored experiences and meticulous control over content for different regions. If a simpler, less customized approach suits your strategy, the single experience with automatic translation is your go-to.

What’s Next: Harnessing the Power of International Routing

By incorporating Brij's International Routing, your brand can enjoy several benefits:

  • Enhanced Compliance: Easily adhere to local regulations and data privacy laws across various markets.
  • Localized Engagement: Provide a personalized experience that resonates with customers' cultural and language preferences.
  • Efficient Management: Streamline the management of global campaigns with a unified, scalable solution.

Embrace the future of international marketing with Brij. As you expand your horizons, we ensure that every customer feels right at home with your brand, no matter where they are in the world.

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