March 22, 2023
Case Study

How Babiators Improves Warranty Registration UX with QR Codes

Brad Zomick

Babiators is a specialty children’s eyewear company that is “on a mission to protect kid’s eyes while they’re out exploring the world.” The flagship product is a line of safe, stylish, and durable sunglasses for kids. They have also expanded into goggles, computer glasses, and UV-reflective clothing for kids. The company has been named on Forbes America’s 100 Most Promising Companies and is sold in over 30 countries. 

A core tenet of Babiators is that it is “for parents, by parents.” The team is always thinking about what pain points parents have. One of those key pains is that kids break and lose sunglasses all the time. To that end, Babiators offers a free replacement within one year of purchase and has a warranty program for customers to register and redeem in the event of breakage or loss. 

This is a mission-critical program, as the founders believe the best way to grow their business is through supporting parents and making their lives easier. They didn’t do any math to arrive at this program. They just know if they treat their customers well, they will continue to come back and recommend the brand to other parents. And every little thing they can do for parents continues to build trust and credibility.

The challenge

Only 20% of their business is DTC, and the rest is sold via international distributors, Amazon, and retail. All of these channels are “dark” in the sense that Babiators has no clue who is buying them and no way to educate buyers on their warranty program. 

Babiators initially struggled with implementing their warranty program. They had built out a homegrown system that required desktop access. Meanwhile, more than 80% of sales were taking place on mobile. 

As parents themselves, they realized the registration information was hard to locate. More than that, moms and dads are too busy to go through the effort of manual registration - locating serial numbers and transcribing to a web portal, etc. 

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We had an all-hands meeting and decided that our #1 priority was to improve the registration process. The process needed to easy to understand and activate.

The Solution

In 2021, the Babiator’s team set out to improve the user experience around warranty registration. It was their top goal for the year. The process needed to be easy to understand and activate. 

Shortly after realizing they needed a seamless and easy process. they partnered with BRIJ. BRIJ’s QR code experiences were the linchpin in improving their user experience. It was exactly what they were looking for. Very quickly they were able to execute a series of custom QR code experiences, one for each SKU. 

As part of a major rebranding effort, Babiators now devotes an entire side of their packaging to explain their warranty program. It also prominently features a BRIJ QR Code that links customers directly to this program

Babiators packaging refreshThe

Head of Ecommerce, Amelia Lane Jaben says, “It was incredibly easy working with Brij.” Brij customer success built a mockup mobile experience for Babiators. And what they are using today is very close to the original experience. With this template, the Babiators team was then able to easily build out individual experiences for their 36 different sunglass styles. 

Each of those experiences is paired with a unique QR code. With the new packaging, the instructions and call-to-action are pretty hard to miss. When a new buyer scans they are directed to a Brij mobile optimized experience with additional supporting material for the warranty program and a link to Babiators warranty registration portal.

The new Babiator's registration flow

“It is now so easy for customers to register. And we can already see this in the results with a 50% scan-to-registration rate.” Says Amelia

As a secondary call to action, Babiators is also showcasing complementary accessories. These items link directly into the Babiators Shopify instance and all referral sales from the QR Code are tagged and attributed in Shopify to Brij. This is a critical use case for Babiators, as it helps grow average order value with related products like glasses straps and outdoor wear. 

They are also testing some educational content in some experiences using Brij content modules to educate new parents on sun safety practices.    

Lessons Learned


  • QR codes are a great way to improve the user experience for warranty programs by streamlining the registration process. After launching the new registration experience, Babiators is seeing a 50% scan-to-conversation rate.
  • The full launch of Babiators QR code experience program was tied to their rebrand. Rebranding or packaging redesign is the best time to consider adding a QR code strategy to your marketing programs. Some may see a rebrand as a potential bottleneck to getting started, but many brands are testing QR codes with inserts or stickers and learning how to use them for a larger launch. 
  • Watch out for distribution-based complexities. For instance, Babiators’ Chinese distributor has its own warranty program. To support that, Babiators created a dedicated Chinese QR code experience that directs to their registration portal. 
  • Amelia concluded, “Brij is a great tool for making the registration process easier.” It’s really easy to get started with Brij.

“It is now so easy for customers to register.”

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