August 9, 2023
Case study

How Newton Baby is Crushing Registration Engagement with BRij

Brad Zomick

Newton Baby team wanted to give their customers a more tailored experience to their end users. 

They had been looking for a solution to improve registration, but were at a loss until we reached out to them.

They were pumped from our first interaction. They mentioned how they were sharing the email I sent around in their Slack channel. 

It was perfect timing because they happened to be having conversations about building product-specific experiences to better serve their customers. 

They have a huge business through registries and Amazon and wanted to have a simple way to provide easy product registration and product-specific instructions.

Not only are they using our QR code experiences for all of their products, but they also iFramed our registration experience into their warranty page. 

They are also looking at how they can iFrame in Yotpo loyalty solutions into their Brij experience. 

And they have quickly become one of the highest engagement clients.

  📈 -11k scans per month! (~370 scans per day)

  📈 2.5x engagements per scan

  📈 29% product registration rate

  📈 63% of scans visit the website

  📈 34% increase on total sales with QR scans

  📈 1.4x increase in LTV from Brij scans

Get in touch to see how you can leverage Brij experiences to create a better experience for customers and drive incremental sales! 

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