January 31, 2024
Case Study

How Once Upon a Farm drove 50% redemption with Brij rebates

Once Upon a Farm is Jennifer Garner’s health bar brand. 

They recently launched a new line of frozen oat bars in Target. 

And used Brij’s rebate solution to support retail velocity. 

The rebates were shared digitally in two places: email and Facebook chat group.

They also promoted 2 types of rebates: a buy-one-get-one and a free bar. 

Here are the opt-in conversion rates:

– 38% opted into BoGo 

– 87% opted into free bar. 

It’s cool to see the jump in conversion from what is effectively 50% off versus a freebie. 

38% conversion is still pretty awesome - Once Upon a Farm gets all these people’s mobile numbers for remarketing campaigns!

Since this is a rebate, buyers need to go to the store, buy the bars, and upload their receipts.

It requires extra effort for the customer, so there is more drop-off at this step.

– 33% uploaded for BOGO offer

– 49% uploaded for the free bar.

The effective conversion rates for both programs:

  • 13% got a rebate on BOGO
  • 50% got a rebate on a freebie

Note that classic coupon redemption rates are sub 1% and 2-4% for digital coupons.

So compared to a traditional paper coupon, that’s a >13x improvement and ~3x improvement on digital coupons. 

Way to go, Once Upon a Farm!

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