December 27, 2023
Case Study

How Swank a Posh Drove 23k QR Code Scans in a Month

Brad Zomick

Swank a Posh is a women’s apparel brand known for accentuating women’s curves, catering to all body shapes & sizes, and creating the “World’s Stretchiest Jeans.”

It’s a $40M brand and did $3M in last years BFCM cycle, according to a recent article in Black Enterprise Magazine. (great read about Ebony Swank, a fierce women entrepreneur!) 

It’s also a brand that is smashing engagement records at Brij, garnering the most QR code scans in a single day. 

Here is a quick breakdown on how they getting so many scans so quickly. 

1. They use them in conjunction with sales, creating urgency.

They had 2 sales and a pre-sale that drove the lion’s share of the engagements

2️. They use them everywhere!

When I say everywhere, I mean literally anywhere you could think of - both physically and digitally.

Here are some of the places they placed QR codes and experience links:

  📍 Physical space in their store and pop-up

  📍 Packaging Inserts

  📍 Website banner(s)

  📍 Email campaigns

  📍 Instagram bio

  📍Instagram Stories

  📍Calendar invites

What source do you think drove the most engagement? 

Guess in the comments and I’ll share the answer via comment tomorrow!

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