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How iHome Clean Drives Unique Product Registrations with Serialized QR Codes

Kait Stephens

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Silverpoint Technologies is the manufacturer for iHome Clean and Black & Decker vacuum cleaners.

They sell through every major retailer you can think of, including Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Walmart and Lowes. 

And their products are high-ticket items ranging from $99 to $699.

Silverpoint uses Brij’s serialized QR codes to create a win-win product registration experience for all iHome and Black & Decker vacuum cleaners. 

1. It’s a paradigm shift in customer experience:

Customers can scan and register their products with prefilled serial numbers in seconds and immediately be redirected to setup instructions and video. 

Gone are the days of squinting to find the model number and serial code and writing it on a card or typing it into a desktop form.

2. First part data collection in unowned channels:

Previously, they had no clue who was buying their products from retail. 

Now they know who they are and can remarket, upsell and cross-sell them.

3. Elimination of fraudulent warranty claims:

Each product has a single serialized QR code with one redemption per claim.

4. Quick identification of bad batches:

The same serial QR codes that give speedy registration and unique warranty codes, also are product batch identifiers. 

So when Silverpoint identifies a faulty batch, they can identify faulty units down to the exact lot. 

5. Reduction of support resources:

When an iHome or Black & Decker customer registers through Brij, Silverpoint now can tie the contact to the product model. 

If and when they hit support, they know exactly where to start troubleshooting vs. previously having to go through a series of questions. 

It’s also a better support experience for customers.

It’s a major game changer for any high-ticket item (appliances, electronics, hardware). 

The effort only recently went live but Silverpoint is getting 1600 registrations per month.

Brij is helping more and more trend-setting brands do this every day. If that sounds like something your brand wants to do, drop us a line any time. Even if it's just to talk about how to get started. Book a time here.

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