August 11, 2021
Meet The Team

Meet our Full-Stack Software Engineer, Adalberto Ferreira!

Amy Huang

As a remote team, we have the opportunity to recruit talent from all over the world. Zooming in from Brazil is our newest full-stack engineer, Adalberto Ferreira! With 13 years of experience in product development (and an unmatched passion for pro tennis), Adalberto brings valuable insights to help the team bridge the gap between physical products and digital experiences. 

Meet our full stack software engineer Adalberto

Adalberto began his career in software engineering as a developer at CWI Software, where he worked for a year and a half on customer projects across multiple industries, including financial and quality assurance. He continued his work at TOTVS, currently the largest software company in Latin America. Over the course of nearly seven years, Adalberto graduated from developer to tech leader to project development manager—and from university. Equipped with knowledge in everything from business law to economic policy to the stock market, Adalberto oversaw legal and regulatory compliance of TOTVS healthcare products, led key projects in company partnerships with the Brazilian government, and managed teams, customers, and partner relationships. 

As a backend developer at OSF Global Services, a Salesforce e-commerce partner, Adalberto gained international retail experience working for global beauty brands such as L’Oréal and NYX Cosmetics. He continued working in the retail space as the Chief Technology Officer at Suiteshare, a Brazilian startup that was acquired by the unicorn company VTEX. At Suiteshare, he created from scratch a product called Suiteshare Store, a chat-commerce platform that helped large retail brands create their catalog via WhatsApp (which is installed in 99 percent of Brazilian smartphones), extending their reach to thousands of customers during the pandemic. 

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"Here at Brij I have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies to improve the way people interact with their favorite products and brands."

Throughout all this, Adalberto added another title to the mix: as an entrepreneur, he founded a company specialized in web and mobile applications development, focused on highly scalable products in specific niches. Quite fittingly, the first product helps tennis players and court owners manage their schedules.

With an extensive background in retail and tech, Adalberto is no doubt a valuable addition to our team. As we continue testing innovative ideas, we are incredibly excited to have Adalberto on board. "Here at Brij I have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies to improve the way people interact with their favorite products and brands,” Adalberto says. “Also, I'm very grateful to be doing this while sharing experiences with people from such incredible backgrounds!"

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