July 2, 2021
Meet the Team

Meet our Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer, Sushrutha (Sush) Ravish!

Amy Huang

At Brij, our technology team is key to company success. From fixing code errors to creating our unique mobile platform, they work tirelessly to deliver a better, more user-friendly experience to our customers. For a solution that aims to create digital identities for physical products, the work of our tech team often determines whether or not we deliver on our vision.

Meet our full stack software engineer Sush

For these reasons, we are incredibly excited to introduce our senior full-stack engineer, Sushrutha (Sush) Ravish! Sush has a plethora of expertise at the intersection of design and technology. He has operated in multiple different roles throughout his career, including as a designer, developer, and product manager. After a successful career as the senior engineer at National Instruments, Sush moved into entrepreneurship, where he worked on mobile development and designed mobile apps from scratch.

As an independent consultant at FlicFlat, a beta property rental app that combines features of Zillow and Bumble, Sush developed the entire platform to make apartment hunting an easier endeavor for searchers. At GetCents, a brand discovery app that rewards users for referring brands, he led the app development team. As the CEO and co-founder of Plum, a platform which creates unique gift experiences, Sush integrated several user-friendly features such as QR code-based payment solutions to deliver a better interface for the end user. His focus on the consumer experience extended even further into his tech and product work with Dumpling, a personal grocery delivery platform that aims to replicate the in-person shopping experience, where he led the mobile team and spearheaded numerous key innovations.

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"The possibilities for improvement are endless and I am very excited to be working with a team who is focused on leading this transformation!"

We are thrilled to have someone with Sush’s talent, knowledge, and vision occupy a crucial role within the Brij team. There is no doubt that he will be a centerpiece to some amazing new developments in the months and years to come! “Connecting the physical product instantly with a seamless digital experience, which used to exist only in Sci Fi movies, is now not only a reality, but also a standard that consumers expect. With rapidly evolving technology,” Sush remarked, “the possibilities for improvement are endless and I am very excited to be working with a team who is focused on leading this transformation!”

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