December 8, 2021

11 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing with Brij

Leigh Sevin

As the retail landscape continues to grow more and more competitive, it's critical that your brand stands out from the crowd in order to more affordably acquire customers and hold onto them for longer. Personalization has shined as a key way to achieve both of these goals. In fact, personalization can reduce acquisition costs by up to 50%!

The best way to personalize your marketing is by using data. While many apps may help you collect data on your customers, more important than the data you gather is how you use it. You should consider how the data you've gathered can help you better customize someone's experience at every touchpoint. Fortunately, companies like Brij are making it easier for you to identify potential customers and engage them through highly personalized marketing. By properly leveraging data from Brij to create engaging content, you'll be able to catch your customer's attention and ensure that they come back to you for every purchase.

With that, here's how you can use the Brij app to personalize your marketing efforts:

When a customer registers

Congratulations! A potential customer wants to share their info with you! Now that this person has registered, it's time to leverage these details to build a strong relationship.

  1. Thanks to Brij's first & last name fields, you can get the relationship started on the right foot by greeting the customer by name at each touchpoint - 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, so this strategy makes for very low-hanging fruit.
  2. You've likely put a lot of time and effort into the mobile experience that accompanies a customer's Brij registration. Now that you have your registrant's email address, why not share more about the benefits that come with the Brij app over email? Make sure they know what sort of resources are available in the app in order to move them further along in their journey toward their first purchase with you.
  3. You can also leverage their email to encourage them to engage with you on social media. If they follow you, you'll have an even richer picture of who your customer is.

Based on product purchased

Thanks to Brij, you'll know what products your potential customers have already bought from your brand. Now the key is putting that data to good use and demonstrating to customers the value of shopping directly with you. You can do that through providing the right content in your Brij app:

  1. Provide customers with guidance on how or when to use specific products. Guidance can mean examples of how other customers have used it, or manuals on how to bring the product to life.
  2. Share complimentary items from your product mix that are available on your website.
  3. Offer a limited promotion for their first purchase with you on items typically purchased together.
  4. Invite customers to give you feedback on what else they want to see in their Brij app via an in-app survey - depending on the product, different customers might want to see different content.

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Personalization has shined as a key way to achieve both of these goals. In fact, personalization can reduce acquisition costs by up to 50%!


Brij will also inform you of where your registrants are located. With this data you can also start to build communities of local fans:

  1. Invite customers to pay you a visit in a local store. Reach out to them over email to make sure they know about your physical presence.
  2. Alternatively, share your list of Brij registrants with your local sales teams, and have them reach out to these customers 1-1 with a clienteling app like Endear. By putting outreach in the hands of your retail teams, you'll be equipping potential customers with an ongoing lifeline for future needs.

Reorder Date

A re-order date means a conversion - well done! You can use reorder date as a key KPI to determine how the tactics above are working for you. Now that you've won over a new customer, here are a few ways to test what part of your strategy is most effective:

  1. Look at that customer's data (particularly product and region) and take note of the parts of your Brij digital experience and related emails they engaged with most.
  2. Start curating the emails and messaging you send to those who are from a similar place or purchased a similar product to align with the areas of highest engagement. For example, did your new customer engage with user-generated content, or how-to guides more? Based on findings, you can continue to hone your personalization strategy.

How to use Endear's CRM to do even more with Brij

If you run an e-commerce store, it's likely that you have a robust marketing engine that's already equipped to handle a new customer. But what about all your other touchpoints, such as customer service or retail store teams?

With Endear, you can bring the key insights gathered via Brij into the hands of these customer-facing teams so that they also have a clear picture of the customers who have learned about you through the Brij experience. By feeding data from resources like Brij into Endear's CRM, you can ensure a more consistent experience not just through email marketing, but through all the ways your Brij customers are interacting with your brand.

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