August 2, 2023
New at Brij

Introducing QR Codes in the Wild Search Tool

Kait Stephens

Today I am excited to launch “QR Code Examples In The Wild,” a searchable database to inspire marketers on the many use cases for QR codes!

As QR code experts, literally everyday brands are asking us, “How are our peers using QR codes?”


The questions come in two types:

  1. How are brands in my industry using QR codes?
  2. What are the different use cases for QR codes (OOH, packaging, inserts, etc)?

And there are so many different use cases across industries and channels, 

That I would be talking a mile per minute to adequately answer all of the different ways this brand could be using QR codes more thoughtfully.

So we set out to make a public resource that tracks what brands are doing with QR codes.

We’ve aggregated QR codes from our own shopping experiences, friends of Brij, brands using QR codes in the wild, and, of course, from our customers. 

We are starting with 100 examples across 10 categories and half a dozen placement options, but this will be a living and growing resource. 

Now, any brand marketer who is exploring QR code usage can come to this page and search the database for inspiration for their ultra-specific use case, 

Whether it’s:

  • A snack label
  • An electronics packaging insert 
  • A beauty brand subway ad
  • A beverage commercial 

We’ve got you covered! 

Try it out right now, here!

In version 2 of this resource, we plan to add more brand variety, links to amazing QR code experiences, and our own perspective on what is best practice or what needs room for improvement. 

In the meantime, a picture says a 1,000 words!  

Check out the QR Code in the Wild demo below! 

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