December 2, 2021

The Brij Team’s Holiday Gifting Guide

Charlotte Thorndike

For those who didn’t quite finish their holiday shopping during the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Brij team has got you covered! Please find our carefully selected gift guide below. With ideas ranging from children’s winter jackets to cocktails in two minutes, an all natural booty scrub to a beautiful french press, we have ideas for everyone you might be shopping for this holiday season! 

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Canopy Humidifier

Canopy’s Humidifier and Diffuser All in One:

Having been featured on The Skinny Confidential Podcast and by numerous influences, the Canopy Humidifier is taking the wellness world by storm. Canopy’s humidifier is sleek and known for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated!

Why our team recommends:

Amy Huang Brij

Our Social Media guru Amy says: “Canopy’s humidifiers make for the perfect gift with many benefits, such as alleviating cold symptoms, keeping your skin hydrated, and making your home smell simply amazing. If you’re looking for that one item that will make you feel and look refreshed after a night’s sleep, make sure to put this down on the wishlist!” 

You can get your gift bundle today here

Becky Booty Scrub

Becky’s Booty Perfecting Scrub:

Becky is made with all natural ingredients to give your bum a little pick me up. It’s a great gift for those you know who love the latest skincare trends and are also conscious of what their products are made of. 

Why our team recommends:

Charlotte Thorndike Brij

Our Customer Success Manager Charlotte is planning on gifting this to her roommate this year, “My roommate is all about the latest all natural skincare trends and looking to try the latest products. I think that Becky is exactly that!” 

You can find Becky at Urban Outfitters or online here .

True Places Emmett Chair

True Places’ Innovative and Comfortable Outdoor Chair:

True Places has been featured in Architectural Digest and Rolling Stone for being innovative and also extremely comfortable. With it’s sleek design, the True Places Emmett Chair is the perfect gift for someone who is always on the go. 

Why our team recommends:

Madi Berse Brij

“I can’t wait to get a True Places Emmett Folding chair for my sister and brother in law! They’re always on the go with a 4 year old, from soccer practice to hanging at the park. Plus, with another little one on the way, they’re definitely going to need a portable and versatile chair. What a perfect gift for parents!” - Madi, our Graphic Designer. 

The Emmett Collapsible Chair can be found here.

Mightly Holiday Pajamas

Mightly’s Sustainable Family Pajamas:

Nothing says winter like cozy matching pajamas. Mightly focuses on sustainable and comfortable clothing for kids, but makes matching PJs for the whole family!

Why our team recommends:

Kait Stephens Brij

Our CEO Kait recommends these: “The matching holiday family pajamas from Mightly are the cutest - and not to mention they’re so soft! I love the idea of the entire family waking up on Christmas morning in their matching pajamas to open their presents - so festive!” 

You can find your own matching pajama sets at here and use the code PAJAMA50 to buy 1 pair and get 50% another.

Couplet Coffee Heart French Press

Couplet Coffee’s Heart French Press and Cow Print Moka Pot:

Couplet Coffee brings new beans to the coffee market! Not only do they offer new and delicious coffee that can be found at the Bumble Cafe in New York City, but they also have an awesome Heart Shaped French Press and Cow Print Moka Pot. Who doesn’t love fun and functional coffee accessories?!

Why our team recommends:

Jessica Wu Brij

Couplet Coffee comes highly recommended from our very own Jess: “If you have that friend who is always down to try new music and new coffee, this gift is for them (or you!). Couplet Coffee’s Blissful Ballad Blend is delicious, refreshing, and the perfect break from the same boring cup of coffee every morning. Plus, their drops are limited edition, so you know you’re getting your friend something unique.” 

You can get these grounds for your loved ones as well as their original Heart Shaped French Press and Cow Print Moka Pot with 10% off right here! Perfect for your coffee loving friends!

Shire City Herbals Fire Cider

Shire City Herbal’s Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic:

Shire City Herbal’s offers great apple cider vinegar products for those who are trying to stay on top of their health throughout the holiday season! 

Why our team recommends:

Zack Morrison Brij

“I love Shire City Herbals’ Fire Cider during the holiday season, especially to add a little kick to my holiday parties. Don’t forget to try some Fire Cider into your next hot apple cider or spicy margarita. This year I’m using their 1 oz Super Shots as stocking stuffers!

You can order their Immunity Triple Threat Gift Bundle here

Cool Cat Wine Spritzer

Cool Cat’s Wine Spritzer:

Another fun gift for your friends is Cool Cat’s delicious and award winning Wine Spritzers! The spritzers come in four delicious flavors and can be consumed as is or mixed into unique cocktails. 

Why our team recommends:

Kait Stephens Brij

Cool Cat comes highly recommended from our very own Kait: “Drinking a Cool Cat Wine Spritzer teleports me to a beautiful beach with a refreshing drink in hand. My favorite flavor is citrus!” 

You can get a 4 pack here that comes with free Cool Capz when you order 2 or more packs.  Get 25% off when you order a case of 24+ cans!

Andy & Evan Winter Jacket

Andy and Evan’s Winter Jackets:

Andy and Evan coats are perfect for kids on the go and they couldn’t come in cuter styles. Not only do they offer jackets, but they have very trendy children’s clothing and accessories as well.

Why our team recommends:

Madi Berse Brij

“I love Andy & Evan’s adorable kids clothes and I’m definitely going to get the Nordic Coat for my nephew! With winter coming, he could definitely use a new jacket. What a great gift - plus it comes with Brij Lost Item Tech so if he loses it, he can get it back :)” - Madi 

You can get the Nordic Coat  here and explore their other adorable styles!

Maude Massage Oil Candle

Maude’s Massage Oil Candles:

Maude has an awesome mission of destigmatizing sexual wellness and creating beautiful products while doing so. The perfect gift for a significant other or just a friend who you want to share your latest ambiance-inducing candle with. 

Why our team recommends:

Charlotte Thorndike Brij

“When trying to get in the mood, Maude’s massage oil candles are great! Not only is the scent amazing, the Jojoba and Soybean oils are extremely moisturizing.” says our own Charlotte

You can get Maude’s massage oil candles and other modern intimacy toys here. 

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