December 27, 2023
Case Study

Why Lalo chose Brij

Kait Stephens

Lalo is a customer-first brand that is obsessed with the customer experience. They don’t want to ask people to type in a URL or send them to YouTube because it pushes work on the customer. 

With Brij, sharing instructions with busy parents is easy and seamless. Lalo’s user manuals have QR codes that send people to customer care videos. It makes for a much more thoughtful unboxing experience. 

Brij is super simple to the point, and Lalo has been able to train multiple people on the platform to be self-sufficient. They are spinning up new Brij experiences every week. 

With its most recent toy product launch, Lalo uses Brij to share educational content that goes with the toy and subscription options for people who made a one-time purchase.

Michael, the CMO of Lalo, says, “Many people think QR code is a commodity, but Brij is so much more.”

Brij lets you create a dynamic experience, and there is so much you can unlock without a lot of work. And it’s a better experience for customers. 

On the horizon, Lalo hopes to use Brij to help with omnichannel data capture and attribution.

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“Many people think QR code is a commodity, but Brij is so much more.”

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