August 16, 2023
Episode 36

Christopher Jane, CEO & Founder of Proper Good

In this episode, we meet Christopher Jane, the CEO and Co-founder of Proper Good. 

Proper Good is a better-for-you meal brand that provides better quality low cost ready meals from soups to curries.

Chris provides a masterclass in how to create an omnichannel brand experience across DTC & retail and much more.

Topics covered

  • Better-for-you category
  • Role of DTC and retail
  • Packaging design
  • Customer data & the retail data gap
  • QR codes to capture audience
  • Brand positioning in different customer segments
  • Brand ambassadors and community


  • Tradition natural channel launch via local presence is time consuming. DTC presence can accelerate that time line
  • DTC is very hard to scale for food brands, but great for community, subscription, surprise and delight. 
  • DTC you get a ton of customer information to inform retail decisions, where the business really has legs to grow and nothing about the customer. 
  • There is a huge data gap in retail; most brands only really can know how they are performing in store. 
  • 90% of the U.S. population live within 10 miles of a Walmart. 
  • The average consumer looks at packaging for only 3 seconds in-store, so brands need to focus on communicating their most important message and make their design pop. 
  • Having an owned community is a huge asset to help you refine product and marketing materials
  • Email drives tremendous amount of awareness, engagement and repeat purchase.
  • QR codes combined with exclusive offers to capture email are a powerful way to bridge retail-DTC gap 
  • The more buyer reviews and interviews you collect, the easier it is to identify and target your key audience segments
  • Community and brand ambassadors is a powerful platform that circumvents paid advertising

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