December 12, 2023
Episode 43

Colm Mackin, CEO & co-founder @ Act+Acre

In this episode, we meet Colm Mackin, from Act+Acre 

Act+Acre is a women’s scalp care brand. 

In this episode, Colm shares a deep dive into how to have a successful launch in Sephora. 

Topics covered

  • Scalp health
  • Customer education
  • Product Effectiveness
  • Retail distribution
  • Influencer marketing
  • Focus


  • Scalp care (and other medical) products really need to work. Customers needs to see success in a few uses. 
  • Finding influencers was tricky because you need to find people with scalp issues and that were willing to share their story. Colm focused more on micro influencers were are more willing to share. 
  • Press is similar to influencers in that it requires outreach and finding people who resonate with your product or pitch for PR. 
  • As part of their Sephora launch, Act+Acre is touring 250 stores to talk to beauty associates and help them understand the products. Doing 1:1 training with associates in each store for 4-5 hours each visit
  • Colm gets weekly sales updates from each store every Sunday uploads the data to a special dashboard where he sees how stores are performing. If a store is underperforming, they will invest in it via brand ambassadors.
  • Act+Acre is a new category, so a north star for Colm has been to be obsessive about simplifying messaging 
  • Focus is critical. Too many brands try too many channels at once or jump around. It’s better to focus on 1-2 channels at time. 

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