May 9, 2023
Episode 22

Dale Mason, Intl. Sales @ Tooletries

In this episode, we meet Dale Mason, International Sales Manager at Tooletries. 

Tooletries makes silicon grooming tools that are stylish, clever, and bespoke. 

In this episode, we hear went from packing orders in a shed back in Australia to global retail distribution.

Other topics covered in this episode

  • The Sales role in a CPG company
  • International sales distribution
  • Individual retailer sales strategy
  • Role of packaging in sales
  • Merchandising

Key Takeaways

  • Men’s grooming is a $9.5B market
  • A big component of retail success is finding win-win positions in the planogram (11:00 -14:45)
  • Turn retail success into case studies for selling future partners and improving placement
  • Packaging design can play a part of the retail sell-through strategy
  • Merchandising needs to evolve cardboard displays to touch screens to truly drive in-store engagement (22:00)
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