March 27, 2023
Episode 10

Hasan Hasmani, CEO of Underdog Games

In this episode, we meet Hasan Hasmani, founder, and CEO at Underdog Games. 

Underdog Games creates family board games, most notably the “Trekking” game series including Trekking the National Parks, Trekking Through History, and HerStory

Hasan shares the founding story of the business and the road to $5M in annual sales. 

Topics covered in this episode

  • The nuance of marketing board games
  • The role of Amazon in board game marketing
  • Pivoting acquisition channels where ROAS is highest throughout the year
  • Value of customer email addresses 
  • Changing Amazon FBA costs

Key Takeaways

  • Board games are a publishing business
  • Discovery is the biggest challenge in board games
  • Games business growth is via line extension (i.e. new book, game etc)
  • It’s also a hit-driven business
  • Amazon is a cost-effective fulfillment and storage partner for heavier products
  • Providing free value-added offers post-sale can help collect email addresses from Amazon buyers

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