May 16, 2023
Episode 24

Jamie Roller, Growth @ Dr. Squatch

In this episode, we meet Jamie Roller, Associate Director of Growth Channels at Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch is a men’s natural personal care brand, best known for its soaps and deodorants. 

In this episode, Jamie shares a deep dive in how Dr. Squatch, a $100M+ soap brand is approaching and managing the Amazon marketplace channel. 

Other topics covered in this episode

  • Transitioning from DTC to Omnichannel
  • The growing role of Amazon
  • Offensive and defensive Amazon strategies
  • Marketplace pricing

Key Takeaways

  • Paid Youtube and Tiktok ads to DTC drive brand search volume on Amazon
  • Retail and Amazon are difficult to measure 
  • Brands should consider PPC ads on Amazon to define their search positions
  • Make sure to test and learn to figure out what works for your brand
  • Investments in Amazon merchandising drive growth in customer LTV
  • In addition to CAC / LTV ratio look at the payback period

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