August 31, 2023
Episode 37

Kai Lim, Founder @ Reprise Health

Meet Kai Lim the co-founder of Reprise Health.

Reprise Health is taking Traditional Chinese Medicine and bringing it to the masses in a gummy form. In this episode,

Kai dishes on DTC website quizzes, consumer psychology, Amazon, and growing wholesale with acupuncturists.


  • Innovations in traditional categories
  • Audience discovery
  • Channel selection
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Amazon channel
  • Building Trust with consumer
  • Offline to online connection
  • Retail vs. DTC packaging


  • Quizzes are a great way to collect email addresses and provide personalized recommendations
  • A new form factor can breathe life into old categories
  • DTC is a quick way to launch and learn more about your customer
  • Wholesale partners are different across categories
  • Amazon can be an early channel when you see demand and low competition
  • In the wellness space, relationships with healthcare professionals can be a strong credibility signal 
  • QR codes can not only connect your offline and online presence, but provide further education and information, which is critical with new categories. 
  • In retail, packing and price points need to be adjusted to optimize communication and ease of purchase 

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