June 1, 2023
Episode 28

Phil Jamison, Sales @ Beatbox Beverage

In this episode, we meet Phil Jamison, VP of North American Sales at Beatbox Beverage. 

Beatbox Beverage is a party punch beverage brand. Party punch is a fruit-flavored non-carbonated alcoholic beverage. 

Phil shares a masterclass in alcohol distribution and how to build a powerhouse alcohol brand.

Topics covered

  • Wine/liquor vs. beer distributions
  • Buyer research
  • Social media  for an alcohol brand
  • Getting share of mind with distributors
  • Online alcohol sales 


  • There is more focus on merchandising at the local level in beer distribution (vs. wine/liquor)
  • Don’t try to be something your not; know your demographic and career to them.
  • Getting your distribution sales pitch is a powerful sales lever
  • Alcohol distribution is 100% relationship driven
  • If you don’t have relationships, make sure you have data and differentiated story
  • Start small and focus on building trust
  • Alcohol brands can sell online but it’s highly regulated. Consequently, it’s a very small part of sales

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