March 7, 2024

Preston Rutherford @ Chubbies

In this episode, we meet Preston Rutherford, Co-Founder of Chubbies.

Chubbies was born in 2011 in San Francisco, they create men's shorts that aim to make every day feel like Friday at 5pm, bringing that chill vibe and good times to their audience.

In this episode, we discussed omnichannel business, key lessons learned, and strategies for supporting omnichannel growth.

Topics covered

  • Chubbies' unique and fun approach to men's shorts and activewear
  • Challenges and misconceptions when transitioning to omnichannel
  • Competition in the e-commerce marketing landscape
  • Bridge the gap between online and offline experiences
  • In-store setup
  • Product features
  • Brand advertising
  • Multichannel retail strategy
  • Sizing, inventory management, and product dimensions


  • Chubbies journey started with selling shorts out of their backpacks in San Francisco.
  • Chubbies started as a direct-to-consumer brand selling out of backpacks and evolved into an omnichannel brand with the help of Shopify Plus.
  • They struggle to gain visibility and market share in a landscape dominated by major players like Amazon and Walmart.
  • Chubbies experienced significant growth leading up to their acquisition in 2021 by focusing on omnichannel expansion. 
  • When selling across channels, Chubbies use in-store setup, product features, and advertising to bridge online-offline gaps, boosting awareness, and loyalty.
  • The strategies for selling on Amazon and other channels have evolved over time and companies like Chubbies had experimented with different tactics.
  • When considering an omnichannel approach for an apparel brand, it is important to acknowledge the expertise of channel partners and align goals.

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