Scout Brisson, CEO @ De Soi

May 30, 2023
Scout Brisson CEO De Soi

In this episode, we meet Scout Brisson, CEO of De Soi. 

De Soi is a non-alcoholic beverage brade made with natural adaptogens.

Scout gives a deep dive on what it’s like to create a new category and some of the benefits of being a celebrity-led brand. 

Topics covered

  • Non-alcohol category
  • New category creation
  • Role of DTC
  • Celebrity brands
  • Liquor vs traditional distribution


  • Non-alcohol category is young and has a lot of room to grow
  • New categories require education at every touch point in the funnel
  • DTC and retail are connected flywheel, not separate funnels
  • It takes 7 brand touchpoints to breed familiarity and desire to buy
  • GoPuff, BevMil, Boisson and Faire are all helping De Soi expand distribution thoughtfully
  • Celebrities can bring audience, content, brand awareness, unique giveaways, and warm introductions to high-end restaurants/bars
  • Find distributors who rep multiple brands and can work on commission 

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Where to find Scout Brisson:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scout-brisson-558674121/

Website: https://drinkdesoi.com/

Where to find Kait Stephens:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kait-margraf-stephens/

Website: www.brij.it