December 21, 2023
Episode 44

Steven Borrelli, CEO @ CUTS Clothing

In this episode, we meet Steven Borrelli, the CEO and founder CUTS Clothing. 

CUTS is a clothing brand built for the sport of business. It started with t-shirts designed for the work setting and has since expanded to polos, pants, and jackets, and recently started a women's line. 

In this episode, Steven shares the lessons he learned from launching a brand store. 

Topics covered

  • Channel distribution
  • Omnichannel purchase behavior
  • Brand store strategy
  • Omnichannel experience
  • Merchandising and inventory


  • CUTS started in DTC with paid acquisition via Google, Facebook, and influencers. Then expanded to Nordstrom and its own location in Soho, NY. 
  • Soho is CUTS most profitable digital advertising segment. The store acts a billboard. People walk by it and shop online. Or they buy in-store, and the 2nd purchase happens online.  
  • A store is an extension of the brand and easier to launch than a partnership with a big box retailer. And has fewer restrictions and formalities. 
  • People often want to shop for the first time in-store because they want to try clothes online and then become long-term online customers. 
  • Stores can be a venue for events and community activation, especially with celebrity and influencer collaborations.
  • Steven selected Soho because it a densely populated location with a high concentration of customers. 
  • The Soho store is a test case, but Steven de-risked via a 2.5-year lease (versus the 10-year standard).
  • Stores have their own Conversion Rate Optimization, e.g., if a clerk misses 2 customers per day it's a missed opportunity of $400k per year.
  • Measure your store like an e-commerce site. How many visited vs. purchased per day? AOV, New vs. returning. Capture phone number to build SMS list, etc.
  • Having a consistent experience is hard outside of your DTC and brand store. Steven often says no to wholesale inquiries, where CUTS can’t control the experience.
  • Merchandising is a learning curve. Steven learned not dedicate as much space to filler products vs. hero. Learning how to merchandise in-store can help you optimize your DTC experience and merchandising. 
  • There is a ton of nuance in the store layout and merchandise presentation. Ie. depth of racks, and placements of tables.  

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