Case Study

How Branch is Increasing AOV 1.6x and Collecting Critical Business Insights

Branch is an ergonomic furniture company, and its flagship product is its ergonomic chair. It’s a high-ticket item at $349 with a considerably lower purchase frequency when compared to CPG 

A substantial amount of sales goes through Amazon and West Elm, channels where Branch has no clue who is buying. Brij is helping Branch get to know some of these customers in previously dark channels. 

Branch’s chairs are delivered with inserts that prompt new buyers to register for their multi-year warranty (up to 10 years in some cases). Buyers scan a QR code and are directed to a simple mobile registration process.

Branch just launched in July and is getting ~2k scans per month. The new experience has a scan-to-registration rate of ~40%, collecting 800 emails per month!

They are also using our survey functionality to find out where people purchased and why they didn’t buy on their website. Upon registering, Branch shares a bunch of great content, including an assembly video, ergonomics information, and even access to an ergonomics consultant.

Customers who reorder after a Brij QR code experience, spend an additional $207, on top of the original $349 purchase, a 1.6x increase!