Case Study

How Brij Helped Maude Make History... Twice

Last March, it became the first sexual wellness brand to launch in Sephora, starting with 20 SKUs online. 

And earlier this year, they became the first intimate care brand to launch in bricks and mortar Sephora stores, with over 260 doors. 

It’s a win for Maude, Sephora, and women everywhere.

Brij is proud to play a small role in supporting Maude’s launch. 

Max Nixon, Maude’s e-commerce manager says, “No pun intended Brij is bridging the gap between our wholesale business and direct-to-consumer.”

For Maude, building a custom solution would have been labor-intensive and costly. 

“With Brij, we were able to quickly stand up branded customer modules that were EU compliant, so our development team could focus on higher priority items like our website relaunch.”

Maude is using Brij for 2 important use cases. 

1) Product registration

Maude guarantees buyer satisfaction and offers replacements on defects and malfunctions for up to a year. 

With Brij, Maude customers can register with the scan product packing and register in seconds.

56% percent of scans result in product registration.  

2) Compliance

Maude is now sold in over 30 countries.

In Europe, intimate care products are heavily regulated.

And Maude needs to disclose important details like materials (lithium ion batteries, silicon, lubricant ingredients, etc.), charging instructions, and where it’s made. 

With 50 countries in the European Union and 24 languages that is a daunting feat. 

But with Brij, Maude can share these critical details in 13 of the most common languages in Europe, satisfying EU regulations. 

Some other fun stats:

📈3 consumer engagements for every scan

📈38% of scans leave the Brij experience to go to Maude’s website.

Historically, brands have zero recourse to engage customers in a channel like retail - a “black box” as Max notes.

“Previously we had no insights. Brij shines some light into what was opaque. It’s progress.”

Max loves the geolocation aspect of Brij analytics and how he can see QR code engagements lighting up across the US and Europe. 

He is excited about how that data can be used to expand to regional retail partners. “It’s data we don’t get elsewhere.”

Next, Max is excited to use the Brij survey functionality to collect zero-party data from retail buyers.