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How Brunt Workwear Connects with Their Wholesale Customers

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About BRUNT Workwear

BRUNT Workwear is redefining what it means to be a workwear brand with their exceptional line of durable, stylish, and comfortable work shoes and apparel. From its inception as a DTC powerhouse, BRUNT has grown into an 8-figure business by fostering direct relationships with its customers. Recently, BRUNT expanded its footprint (no pun intended) into the wholesale market, partnering with over 110 shoe retailers nationwide. Despite this new direction, BRUNT remains committed to maintaining a close connection with its customer base, leveraging innovative solutions to continue delivering unparalleled value and service.

The Challenge

Switching from a DTC model to selling through wholesalers is a big challenge for BRUNT. They need to keep the strong customer relationships that have made them successful. However, wholesale distribution traditionally offers limited visibility into customer behaviors and preferences. To replicate their DTC success, BRUNT needed a way to bridge this data gap in their wholesale operations, ensuring they could continue to engage with and understand their customers even after a retail purchase.

The Brij Solution

To meet this challenge, BRUNT Workwear partnered with Brij to implement an innovative data capture solution. This solution centers around the use of QR codes embedded in BRUNT's packaging, designed to facilitate seamless product registration for customers purchasing through retail channels.

When a customer buys a BRUNT product from a retail store, they are prompted to scan the QR code on the packaging. This code directs them to a mobile experience where they can upload their purchase receipt and enter their email address. To encourage participation, BRUNT offers a free sticker pack, adding an element of excitement and incentive to the registration process.

The results have been nothing short of impressive. With over 100,000 engagements through the BRIJ platform and a staggering 90%+ scan-to-registration rate, BRUNT has effectively turned these offline retail transactions into direct customer interactions. This system also ties directly into BRUNT’s CRM, automating the process of data capture and engagement. This integration enables BRUNT to monitor customer purchase locations, popular product trends, and overall customer behavior across both DTC and wholesale channels.

The Results

Since the launch of Brij’s product registration system, BRUNT Workwear has achieved remarkable milestones. With an email conversation rate exceeding 90%, nearly all customers who engage with the QR codes complete the registration process. This high engagement has led to over 100,000 interactions via the Brij platform. Additionally, the initiative has generated more than $10,000 in revenue tied to these Brij experiences. These figures underscore the success of BRUNT's strategy to maintain direct customer relationships within the wholesale market. The partnership with Brij has not only enhanced BRUNT’s ability to gather crucial customer data but has also strengthened their overall market position and engagement capabilities.

“There’s a lot of opportunity with the platform - to power registration, easily offer an incentive gift for doing so, and track place of purchase of our customers, all that can be automated into our CRM.”

-Ian, Senior Manager of Digital Experience, BRUNT Workwear

What’s Next

BRUNT Workwear’s foray into the wholesale market is poised to continue its upward trajectory. Armed with valuable insights from Brij’s data capture technology, BRUNT plans to fine-tune their product offerings and marketing efforts to better serve their expanding customer base. The ability to track purchasing patterns and customer preferences across retail channels provides BRUNT with a significant advantage in inventory management and promotional strategies. As they deepen their presence in the wholesale market, BRUNT is set to foster stronger customer relationships, drive higher engagement, and achieve sustained sales growth.