How Feastables drives 1M Brij Engagements Per Month

"The vast majority of Feastables customers come from retail. Before Brij, we basically lost the connection with those customers. We had a very basic QR code code. It was just a link without any analytics. We didn’t the who, what, where of the scan. And we weren’t able to optimize for the customer experience. 

What I love about Brij is that you can create memorable experiences just from a simple QR code. Now, I can interact with our customers, share more brand story and create fun experiences. 

It’s super easy to create experiences in Brij. The UX is super intuitive - I just drag and drop - anyone on my team can do it.

We’ve really been able to deep dive into the analytics of the scans. That information is so important to us. "

--Jess Cervellon, VP of Customer Experience at Feastables

Feastables is averaging 40k engagements a day. Which works out to ~1M per month!

We were wondering where else they are putting the codes aside from packaging. 

We asked because some other brands have innovated and driven high levels of engagement using Brij experiences as their Instagram link in bio.

We also thought maybe Mr. Beast used the same QR code in his latest video.

Nope. The entirety of the engagement is coming straight from Feastables packaging. 

Feastables is seeing 20k scans a day with an average of 2 engagements per scan. 

Look at the geographic distribution of the scans and the dots on the map color the whole country blue! 

It just goes to show you that people do scan QR codes! 

We attribute the engagement primarily to the priming Mr. Beast has done. 

He puts QR codes in a lot of his videos and is always running an engagement campaign. 

With Feastables, in the past year the brand has:

  • Driven SMS engagement campaigns
  • Given away 11 Teslas
  • Distributed buyer experience surveys. 

FWIW the Mr. Beast audience skews young with an audience primarily made of 18-30 year olds.

Younger generations are familiar with and not afraid to scan QR codes 

As this segment ages, QR code adoption and scanning are going to go through the roof.

Most recently, Feastables started using Brij's geolocation feature, so it can use the same QR code but route the scanner to the country that they are in based on their IP address.

Our big takeaway from Feastables engagement is that if you offer your audience something of value, they will scan your QR code!