Why Jolie Chose Brij

Jolie's shower head is an old product but with a new spin and category, which requires a lot of education. To drive this education, Jolie does a lot of street and OOH marketing.

Traditional QR codes just take people to a website or landing page without much opportunity for engagement.  It’s a dense landing page that someone walking with a coffee will not spend time on, but Brij changes the QR code game.

Brij created an opportunity for Jolie to engage with their customers in a mobile-friendly way that is intuitive and on the spot. Jolie uses their Brij experience to show people who scan their QR code a montage of UGC content. It shows prospective buyers that everyone is talking about this and that they need to pay attention. 

From there, navigating to Jolie’s Instagram, TikTok, email Jolie, or the Jolie website is easy. It was a quick, out-of-the-box solution that dials in on the experience versus investing time and resources in-house. 

Jolie is also in retail, which is notoriously hard to measure and tie back to your digital presence. Brij provides Jolie with an elegant solution to learn who bought in retail via mobile warranty registration.  

There is also a subscription component to Jolie - customers need to replace the shower head filter every 90 days. Jolie also puts a QR code in its instruction manual, which links to an install video, customer support, and subscription options.