Case Study

Why Nori Chose Brij

QR codes came onto the scene quickly. And for many brands, it became this check-the-box activity. 

  1. Do you have a QR code on your packaging? 
  2. Does it lead to your website?

Which is not necessarily the correct approach.

Brij is the first platform that optimizes the QR code experience. It’s not just a redirect; it adds true value to the customer experience. 

Nori customers can now register their warranty in a single click motion. From there, Nori can share customer care videos and merchandise complimentary products. 

Brij has made it incredibly easy for customers to answer key questions post-purchase. It’s a very different journey from just sending people to your website. 

And working with Brij was incredibly easy.  You can quickly create your QR code and get it to your packaging design team. And then you have time to optimize the downstream experience. 

"What we did from day 1 to what we are doing now has been a completely seamless transition." says Courtney Toll, CEO of Nori.

Brij was crucial for the transition to retail and Amazon, which is a siloed buyer experience with a weaker connection to the Nori. Previously, that buyer's journey would have ended at the purchase. Brij was critical in bringing them back to a digital experience for more education.